Comic-Con THANKS!

Hello Art Enthusiasts!

I want to send out a big THANKS to all of you who visited the Comic-Con Art Show this year at the Manchester Grand Hyatt here in San Diego, and subsequent art print and greeting card orders placed! Happy too, to see so many Sasquatch fans, the theme of all the art I displayed at the show!

So much info. has come out by eye witnesses, not even seeking an encounter, but getting one! I personally, continue to be fascinated. However once the reality hits that Sasquatch ARE real, I won't be able to submit art of them at the show anymore, which requires art themes be science-fiction, myth, legend, or comic. So maybe it's best that people continue to dis-believe! Heh heh!

Many thanks also to Comic Con Art Show coordinators Glen Wooten and LaFrance Bragg--a huge job they manage to pull-off beautifully each time!


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